Why Holladay

Holladay Properties is uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of the real estate life cycle - from acquisition to disposition...and all the myriad of details in between!

Our company has demonstrated a history of comprehensive real estate services that sets us apart from other real estate firms. In addition, within each function of those services, we offer a depth of quality that is beyond compare.

Holladay has over 30 offices located throughout the United States. Each office offers a variety of services to our clients and tenants, including:

We have developed properties in multiple states and we are currently expanding our development presence throughout Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Who We Are

Over the years, Holladay Properties has grown and diversified into the full-scale land development, design/build, property management and fully-integrated commercial real estate company that we are proud to be today.

What We Do

Holladay Properties is a commercial real estate company with a long tradition of providing excellence in service to our communities and our customers. We offer a wide mix of comprehensive, customized and creative building solutions you should expect from an industry leader, including:

Holladay Properties Services

And much more!