Holladay developments, leaders featured in local news

Tim Healy & Michael O'Connor

Holladay Properties' developments and experience in Northwest Indiana were recently featured in articles from Northwest Indiana Business Magazine. The articles, which appear in the October-November 2021 of the magazine, discuss Northwest Indiana's burgeoning strength in the industrial and logistics markets.

The articles also feature comments from Tim Healy, Holladay's President & CEO, as well as Michael O'Connor, a VP-Leasing & Development with Holladay's Portage, IN office. Holladay Properties is recognized as a leader in commercial real estate in the many markets the company serves and articles such as these support this claim.

The articles are now live on the Northwest Indiana Business Magazine website. "The allure of spec building" by Elizabeth Davies, focuses on Northwest Indiana as a hot spot for the industrial market. "Untapped pontential" by Christopher Adam focuses on the booming e-commerce sector and how Northwest Indiana is in a position to be a major logistics hub.

Read: "The allure of spec building"

Read: "Untapped potential"

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