Holladay Properties Landscaping

At Holladay, we understand that a property’s curb appeal is a reflection of your business, and can help to attract and retain customers. We employ a full service landscape department and our staff has over 20 years of industry experience. Our team has also received several awards, including Best Landscaping from BOMA and the South Bend Beautification Award.

Landscaping Services

The Holladay Properties Landscaping team takes care of over 100+ properties on a weekly basis. 

Landscaping services include:

About Us

Holladay understands that organizations have many choices when it comes to selecting service providers and because of this we strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Perks of selecting Holladay as your landscaping contractor include:

We're committed to providing your organization with the best service and we look forward to being your one-stop service provider!


We provide Landscaping Services throughout Michiana, Northwest Indiana, and the Indianapolis region.

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